Trouvaille 22.5

Kindly give us 4-7 working days to prepare your order.


. A set of four 7mm faceted pastel blue Peruvian Opals. 

**Blue Peruvian opals can vary in shade and intensity of blue. This variation is due to differences in the mineral composition and the presence of other elements within the opal. 

. A pair of 14k gold plated half-bow design earring studs (12mm x 14mm).

. 4 mini pink tassels.

. 16k gold plated embellishments and connectors.


All gold plating and rose gold plating materials used in this design went through secondary coating. They are stronger against humidity. For a lasting colour, after taking off your jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Use polishing cloth only when plated materials lose shine. Put it into an airtight container or bag.

*Note: We will not be able to provide you with Peruvian Opals in exact texture/shade as each of them is one of a kind. We will do our best to find you a matching set.


Estimate (may varies slightly) :44mm (Length) x 12 mm (Width)