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Aura Moonstone 7


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This is a made to order design. Will take about 4-7 working days to prepare your order. 


. Two 12 x 8mm polished surface Butterfly Rainbow Moonstones.

(Note that these moonstones are cut out from different parts of a larger moonstone slab, hence the flash will appear differently from one another. For example, some will appear when they are tilted side ways, when they rotate, when they face front or when they are under stronger lighting. Some are more striking and some are subtle. These moonstones are natural gems and are carved to shape. They may come with slight pre-existing chipped/scratched surfaces and/or corners and inclusions (any material that is trapped inside of another mineral while that mineral forms). They are selected and used in our designs because of their adularescence. Each pair is one of a kind

. A pair of Ruby Glass Stone earrings (w/ 925 sterling silver posts).

. 6mm faceted ruby dyed sapphire stone.

. 16k gold plated mini redwood stone round charm.

. 2 tiny red cubic zirconia spacers.

. 1 shell pearl drop.

. 16k gold plated connectors, box chains and backstoppers.


All gold plating and rose gold plating materials used in this design went through secondary coating. They are stronger against humidity. For a lasting colour, after taking off your jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Use polishing cloth only when plated materials lose shine. Put it into an airtight container or bag.


Estimate (may varies slightly) : 4cm (Length) x 1.3 cm (Width)