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Moonstone Clouds SS10


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. Cloud shaped Moonstones.

. Gold plated 925 sterling silver hoop earrings (inner diameter 1.1cm, thickness 0.13cm).

. 16k gold plated mini teardrop spacers.


1. All moonstone clouds are one of a kind - in clarity (/opacity), size, shape, texture and adularescence (blue, rainbow, pink). They are matched according to one of their characteristics. 

2. These moonstones are natural raw stones, they have inclusions (in the stone) such as tension cracks known as centipedes, thin mineral lines that appear like crack lines,  specks of black tourmaline (like those in labradorite stones).

3. These moonstones are carved individually hence they are different (slightly in shape and size). Some have scratch lines on the surface, some have dents and deeper grooves at the corners.

4. We do our best to take accurate images of each stone set, do zoom in on the images to have clearer view of the stones and its characteristics. 


All shiny gold plating and rose gold plating materials used in this design went through secondary coating. They are stronger against humidity. For a lasting colour, after taking off your jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Use polishing cloth only when plated materials lose shine. Put it into an airtight container or bag.


Moonstone: 1.4cm (L) x 0.9cm (H)

Design: 1.4cm (L) x 2.9cm (H)