The Juiciest Gem R9

 Kindly give us 4-7 working days to prepare your order.


. A pair of Indicolite (Blue) Watermelon Tourmaline gems (Size: 8x8mm, Thickness: 3-3.5mm).

. 14k gold plated 925 sterling silver crescent design earrings.

. 16k gold plated connectors.


Overall scale: 35mm (Length) x 14mm (Width)


The tourmaline/watermelon tourmaline stones used in this collection are sliced and polished, with raw edges. Known for its imperfections, these gems come with pre-existing chipped/scratched surfaces and/or corners and inclusions (any material that is trapped inside of another mineral while that mineral forms). They are selected and used in our designs because of their rarity in colours and naturally unique texture/pattern. Each pair is one of a kind. We try our best to capture the imperfections in the images and video clips. 

Tourmaline is as hard as quartz but like most gemstones, it can still break upon sudden impact. Hence we need to handle these earrings with care - avoid extreme heat and impact. 

Images and short clip are taken under daylight. Do switch off your devices' dark mode display setting if you are viewing this site at night, so that you could get a more accurate view of stones' colours. 

Earring studs worn by model in the images taken are sample pieces, all orders will be given brand new studs and backstoppers. 


All gold plating and rose gold plating materials used in this design went through secondary coating. They are stronger against humidity. For a lasting colour, after taking off your jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Use polishing cloth only when plated materials lose shine. Put it into an airtight container or bag.