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The Rainbow Stone 1.6


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. Ten 5-7mm opals

. Gold plated 925 sterling silver stars earring huggies (malleable) .

. 16k polished gold plated backstoppers

**The opals are strung together with nylon string and bonded with epoxy glue so that the opals do not flip.

(You may refer to our instagram account @adeg_ to view the video clips for each set of opals.)


1. The opals are in 5-7mm width range.

2. These mini opals are all one of a kind, none like the other in shape. size and flash.

3. As we know, not every opal has fire flash. Some are just opaque or translucent. In this design, I have selected only opals with flash. Some are definitely more intense. 


All gold plating and rose gold plating materials used in this design went through secondary coating. They are stronger against humidity. For a lasting colour, after taking off your jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Use polishing cloth only when plated materials lose shine. Put it into an airtight container or bag.


3cm (length) x 2cm (width)